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i believe something wonderful will happen to me today

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25th January 2005

3:27pm: towards zero

UJ has functioned again, just when I least expected. I got mixed-up feelings when I read the days I left behind there. I can’t say that I am proud with it. But it taught me two things at least: one, I have changed a lot; and I hope I am a better person now. Second, I noticed that I have walked in circles. It seemed like I have taken a long road for such a short trip. I’ve gone too far, only to find that it leads me back to the zero point.

I have no regrets. I didn’t give up on my dreams and I followed the signs. I have no regrets, for the road have taught me the best way to arrive and enriched me while I was traveling along it.

However, I journal with my new journal now.

30th August 2004

2:40pm: Caution:
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